I Am Myanmar - One Voice

I Am Myanmar film series.

A series of short films showcasing the active culture of Myanmar . This series attempts to do nothing more than to be a mirror of the Myanmar spirit .

What we feed our thoughts everyday becomes our active reality. When our dreams and visions become tainted by images that degrade the human spirit, then our physical reality reflects the same. When instead we feed consciousness with images of love, light and laughter, then the mind heals and the heart restores and the spirit takes flight.

On Voice

One Voice is the first in the series of short films titled I Am Myanmar and is an introduction to the country and her poetry of change.

It is crafted to portray a people whose soft and gentle manner belie an underlying strength and grace that will never be uprooted by struggle. Their voices have been hushed for half a century and "One Voice" etches into time the unified voices that speak of one future, one vision, one nation.

One Voice is dedicated to my parents.

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